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China's good project enterprise stage

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On July 26, 2018, Guangzhou Guheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the "China Good Project" and the visiting and exchanging delegation of industrial and commercial leaders (Guiyang) on financial innovation through the "China Good Project" column.
"China Good Project" is the Guizhou Province's first "Double Creation" TV reality show, which is jointly produced by Guiyang Broadcasting and TV Economic Life Channel and Beijing China Enterprise Road Performance Investment Management Center. The program is committed to becoming a well-known brand of China's "double innovation" and financial innovation services. "China Good Project" with practical action, so that Guiyang really help promote the rapid growth of small and medium-sized enterprises to become a "blessed land". To solve the financing difficulties of China's small and medium-sized enterprises. Expand production scale and capacity, and establish marketing channels and brand promotion channels.
During the actual road show and promotion, Guangzhou Guheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. developed and produced GDXP transparent ecological board products. After fierce competition on the spot, it emerged from 51 Enterprises and successfully entered the top 10. Got the opportunity to butt the high-end capital market. At the same time, we got the guidance and help of investors and expert team, which solved the pain point for the future development of the company, cleared up the train of thought and pointed out the direction. Mr. Yao Ya, general manager of Guangzhou Guheng Building Material Co., Ltd., expressed the general aspiration of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.
Projects and enterprises that achieve investment intentions in the program will be followed up by the column group, from due diligence of investment institutions to various milestones in project and enterprise development, to fully record the transformation of projects and enterprises after grafting capital. We do not make products - content; do not do business - do organization; do not do marketing - do the media! Ideas determine the way out. Steady people, let us start again, success must belong to those who are ready to make progress.