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Chinese full name:玻璃纖維增強水泥復合材料

GRCEnglish name:Glass-fiber Reinforced Cement 

GRC is a glass fiber reinforced cement composite material English, originated in the United States, the alkali resistant glass fiber, cement, sand and other composite materials mixing in a certain proportion, poured in the mold molding, to produce texture modelling is rich, diverse products, widely used in various domestic and foreign characteristics of the building. GRC cementitious material is cement, so GRC is also a kind of concrete products, belonging to a branch of the concrete industry. The compressive strength of concrete is very high, but the flexural strength, tensile strength and impact strength are low. GRC due to the incorporation of alkali resistant glass fiber, making it in the above all aspects of performance compared to the ordinary concrete has been a qualitative leap, in itself does not reduce the concrete product advantage, GRC materials can greatly improve the flexural strength, tensile strength and impact strength of cement products and reduce their own density. The bending strength of high quality GRC products can reach 25Mpa, and the impact strength is up to 10-25KJ/m2, but its dry density is only 1800-2000kg/m3, which is less than 1/5. These features make the GRC compared to the precast concrete or other cement products has obvious advantages, especially when the need to thin wall materials, the anti bending and anti impact strength advantages will be more obvious.